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It is by reading a book on ancient civilizations that I learned that the people of Atlantis used stones to heal. They used a stick made with 7 stones :

  • diamond
  • sapphire
  • emerald
  • jasper
  • topaz
  • ruby
  • amethyst

4 of these 7 stones are considered as precious stones: diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby.

Wearing a bracelet made of these 7 stones can improve health, according to the book. Having dental issues for years, I thought it wouldn’t be out of place to get a bracelet like this. Since I played piano and electronic keyboard, I got into the habit of not wearing a bracelet and always keep my nails short. So if I buy a bracelet, I have to like it a lot.

A little research on the Internet and here’s what they say about these 7 stones. None of them treats dental pain lol, but we know that diseases don’t just come from the physical body so we’ll see.

  • diamond: it is preferable to acquire a natural diamond, it is a mediator whose vibrations would have a positive effect on all the organs of the body, in particular the body and the brain.
  • sapphire: soothes the bodies subjected to anger, stimulates the vitality of the body
  • emerald: strengthens the immune system, soothing action on the digestive system, allows a better recovery of the physical faculties
  • jasper (red): has an important energy, in particular on the female sexuality
  • topaz (imperial): spiritual and physical recharge, topaz energizes the body and soothes the spirit
  • ruby: protects the heart and the circulatory system, relieves tensions and cramps, painful periods
  • amethyst: purifies the physical body, but also the aura

These stones could have been considered as the 7 stones of the 7 chakras too, provided that they would replace the red jasper by the orange jasper.

Until now, I hated jewelry with natural stones because I find them really, really ugly. They look like the cheap bracelets & necklaces that Vietnamese people buy by the dozen every time they visit temples and pagodas in Vietnam, only to discover later that these are fake stones (or stone powder compressed and polished into spheres).

Where to find the 7 natural stones ? How to make a bracelet ? That’s when I did some research

Note: this article is NOT sponsored. I paid for it out of my own pocket

On this site, you can sort by country. Of course, I sort on French designers, and I quickly come across these gemstone specialists, based in France (cf. their Etsy shop or their website). Unlike other designers who just buy the stones where they can, they seem to know their suppliers and their stones so well that they are able to tell (1) what treatment has been done to the stones (2) where to find the most beautiful ones.

After admiring each of their creations, I chose a model on Etsy and send them my IMPOSSIBLE MISSION: a bracelet with the 7 Atlantis stones, natural stones if possible without any treatment

Not only did they answer me very quickly (1 working day), but they also understood perfectly well the request, were force of proposal, proposing the order of the stones and sending me a preview (with two jasper stones for the choice (with or without natural inlays)


You know, stones are classified by the Mohs Hardness Scale, which measures a mineral’s resistance to scratching. Putting a diamond (Mohs Hardness Scale of 10) next to amber (Mohs Hardness Scale 2) is not only stupid but also wasteful (the rubbing of the diamond on the amber will scratch the amber). You have to take this into account to put the stones in the right order.

  • diamond : 10
  • sapphire: 9
  • emerald: 8
  • topaz: 8
  • ruby: 9
  • amethyst: 7
  • jasper: 6,5

After my validation, my bracelet is created on the same day and put on a new product sheet, which makes the payment much easier

In terms of price, as their products are already handmade, customizing a bracelet doesn’t cost me much more: 54€ for a 925 silver bracelet in my size, with 13 stones (the jasper is big compared to the others, so I only take one), including 8 precious stones. The shipping is fast and costs me 3€ in tracable letter. The jewel is delivered with a certificate of authenticity

Seeing my customized creation, my friend M. also suggests me the 7 stones of the chakra, the 4 precious stones… as many options as our imagination lol. We spend the evening together drooling over the creations.

voici le bracelet porté

That’s it, if you are looking for a specialist of gemstone jewellery, for you or to make gifts, you can trust them (cf. their Etsy shop ou their website)

Beware, these stones are not the most beautiful in the world (a beautiful emerald will be worth much more than 54€), these jewels are for lithotherapy fans who are looking for jewels more refined than the average without spending too much

This post is also available in: Français

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