Thinx: Period Panties Reviews – after 1 year

I guess everyone has seen Thinx’s compelling ads on Facebook and Instagram. I have and got so excited to try for the first time of my life period panties which would bring at least a little bit of comfort during my long and painful week. So here is my detailed review after having been using those panties for one year. 

Period panties, what is it?

According to your flow, period panties can be used as a tampon back up to prevent leakage or to be worn alone to replace your current period protection (tampons, pads, cups…).

Thinx offers period underwear in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes, from XS to 3XL.

Shipping & Delivery 

When I went to the USA for vacation, I ordered 3 Thinx panties to be sent to my hotel in Miami. I didn’t want to order from Europe, as customs fees for purchasing from Europe would be almost as expensive as the panties themselves.

Being in Miami for only one week, I paid $5 for fast shipping, which meant the panties would arrive 2 days later. But I didn’t know I also had to wait 2 days for my package to be dispatched, meaning 4 working days in total. I don’t know if you Americans think it’s fast, but even in France, 4 working days equals standard shipping. 

Thinx also offers free shipping in the USA for the first order, but it means 2 working days dispatching and 4 working days for delivery.

Anyway, it arrived the day I supposed to leave Miami.


Without any coupons, expect to pay between $32 and $42. It’s pretty expensive especially when it’s recommended to buy 6 of those to cover a 5-day-period.

I got a $10 off as first-customers. This link will give you $10 off if you decide to give them a go.

However, if you order them from abroad, you will have to pay at least 20€ extra for customs. Yep, Thinx doesn’t cover it, unlike Yesstyle or other international shipping friendly companies.

If you are from Europe, it’s better to buy from resellers such as Mademoiselle Bio (and get 5€ off your first order using my referral email: contact @

Design & Sizing

According to Thinx’s Know your flow test, I need 3 Super Hip-hugger panties and 3 Hip-hugger panties to cover my 5-day-period.

I only bought 3 Super Hip-hugger panties, equivalent to 3-4 tampons each, intending to use them as my only period protection, while washing them every day.

I was disappointed when I saw its grandma look. My European size is 36, and I believe that Thinx’s XS is between 36 and 38. Europeans might find Thinx run big, while Americans consider that Thinx run tight.

The first good surprise: the absorbency zone (which is darker in the pictures) is huge: the front is half covered by the absorbency zone, and the rear is covered up to the lower back.

Thinx’s absorbency zone is composed of 4 layers. They didn’t give its exact composition, only its purpose: 2 absorbing layers, 1 impermeable layer, and 1 odor-control layer.


I have tested other well-known brands (for Europeans at least), and Thinx is by far the best panties in the market: super-absorbent and moisture-wicking.

I have a heavy flow, period pads are insufficient for me especially at night. Leakage happens often and to avoid bleeding in my bedsheets, I had to either wake up early or change the pads in the middle of the night.

With Thinx, not only leakage doesn’t happen anymore, but there is no sensation of moisture either. Blood and moisture get absorbed very quickly, leaving the absorbency zone always dry.

However, it also means you have to change your pantie as soon as the pantie gets damp (click here to see the picture, don’t faint).

During my heavy flow days, I need at least 4 panties a day: 2 during day time, 1 after work, and 1 for nighttime.


I get used to wearing cotton underwear, so having a pantie made of unknown, not-cotton fabric is a new thing. I wouldn’t say it’s as comfortable as a cotton pantie, but compared to a chemical pad, it’s much more pleasant. I still can feel the thickness, but I soon forget I’m wearing period panties. 


I’m quite surprised no one mentioned the unpleasant smell of those panties. I know blood has a distinctive smell, but these panties seem to amplify the bloody smell, far worse than chemical pads, making me question its efficiency.

Furthermore, I mentioned earlier that I needed 2 panties during my heavy flow days. Changing & washing my smelly panties at work, and carrying it around in my bag until I come home, isn’t the most pleasant thing.

Thinx is my favorite period pantie for heavy flow

Despite the awful smell, I still prefer Thinx over other well-known brands such as Modibodi or “Dans ma culotte” (a French brand) because it’s truly moisture-wicking and super-absorbant. After one year, my panties are still super-absorbant.

However, it isn’t great for traveling (panties are super-duper full mid-day), but people working from home like me will love Thinx. It’s so comfy!

This link will give you $10 off if you decide to give them a go.

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