Dr Hauschka Brand Review

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Some useful information about Dr. Hauschka

  • Dr. Hauschka is a German organic brand, whose products meet the needs of all skin types (not just impure skin). The brand believes in self-correction of the skin – i.e. that everyone can have normal skin, as long as it stimulates its natural functions and helps it to find its natural balance – through a good routine.
  • However, you can only see improvements under two conditions:
    1. You use the entire Dr. Hauschka routine. The products have been formulated to work in synergy. You must use at least Dr.Hauschka purifying cream, oil and a Hauschka day cream at the same time for it to work
    2. You apply the products exactly as indicated on their website/instruction manual. This is very important
  • Dr. Hauschka’s routine indicates that no oily products should be used in the evening. The skin must learn to regulate itself and is programmed to do so at night. If the skin feels too tight, one is allowed to do (water-based) cures several times a year for 28 days; or use their night serum (also water-based)
  • However, during the day, impure skin is offered a 1/2 drop of oil. By receiving a sufficient dose of lipidic film, the skin no longer panics (“I lack oil, I have to produce sebum++”), it will reduce its sebum production. I find the approach intelligent: too many anti-acne products sold on the market aim to dry the skin => the skin produces even more sebum to compensate => more imperfections. It’s a vicious circle. While a self-correcting approach, with non-comedogenic oils formulated specifically for impure skin, will help the skin regulate itself.
  • Beware, there are some skins that produce more sebum because of a lack of water => in this case, we don’t need the oil but Dr. Hauschka’s night serum which is water-based.
  • Dr. Hauschka’s routine prohibits any exfoliation products that are considered too aggressive for the skin. Normally, if the purifying cream has been used properly twice a day, you should not feel the need to exfoliate your skin
  • The purifying cream isn’t a make-up remover. It is necessary to use a make-up remover before using it.
  • They sell a lot of miniatures and fitting kits. It’s perfect to test or to go away for the weekend. Between the samples I received as gifts and the ones I bought in addition, I have a nice collection now and could go away for the weekend just with this little box.

You can purchase Hauschka products on FeelUnique (link) or Lookfantastic (link). They regularly give 20% or 23% off on cosmetics.

Here we are, let’s review the products!

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream: my opinion

The promise: The Cleansing Cream gives the skin a feeling of freshness and purity. A gentle daily cleansing care suitable for all skin types, it can be used in the morning and evening. It maintains the skin’s natural hydrolipidic film while preparing it for further care. Its composition based on calendula, camomile, St. John’s wort, anthyllid and almond gently revitalizes and clarifies the complexion. The pores of the skin are refined. Precious medicinal plant extracts release their purifying and healing properties in this preparation based on almond powder with a pleasantly creamy texture.

Application: Moisten the skin well with warm water. Work in the palm of the hand approximately 2 cm of Purifying Face Cream with a little warm water. Gradually add water until the mixture takes on a creamy consistency. Apply to the face by gradually unrolling both hands to absorb impurities. Start from the center to the outside of the face, and from the top to the bottom. Avoid the eye area. Moisten hands again and repeat several times. Be careful not to rub as the product isn’t a scrub. Finally, remove the Purifying Face Cream by rinsing abundantly with hot water and finish with cold water. For the sensitive skins, use lukewarm water only.

Ingredients: water – sweet almond powder – calendula and anthyllid extracts – alcohol – peanut oil – chamomile and St. John’s wort extracts – sunflower oil – witch hazel extract – wheat germ oil – sweet almond oil – essential oils – acerola extract – xanthan gum (natural mucilaginous substance) – lecithin (vegetable) – alginate

Price : from 11,5€ per 50ml

Face Cream Review: Using the purifying cream was quite tedious at first, it stung my eyes and the product got stuck in my hair. However, after a trained Dr. Hauschka beautician shows me the correct application, I see a real difference on my skin. I used to exfoliate my skin once a week and use patches to remove the sebaceous filaments on my nose. But after assiduous use of the cleansing cream (twice a day), I noticed a real difference on my pores. They are free of the sebaceous filaments, so they look smaller. I even left my Clarisonic and my patches aside ! In addition, the cleansing cream leaves a slightly oily film on the skin, the skin is soft and nourished – very appreciable especially when you don’t have the right to night creams with the Dr. Hauschka routine!

Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Toner

The promise: Clarifying Lotion gently stimulates the skin’s natural forces. It provides a pink and radiant complexion of vitality. It is the ideal toning daily care for oily, impure and large-pored skin. Its composition based on anthyllide, calendula and nasturtium regulates excessive sebum production, soothes and acts on areas prone to inflammation. Its precious composition based on medicinal plants regulates and balances, stimulating the functions of the skin.

Application: Morning and evening, spray the Clarifying Lotion onto the face, neck and décolleté, then gently massage in with the warmth of your hands.

Ingredients: water – alcohol – extracts of anthyllid, calendula, nasturtium, horse chestnut bark, echinacea, witch hazel and daisy – essential oil – lactic acid

Price : from 20,5€ per 100ml

My opinion: it’s the only product in the routine that I can’t say for sure, but I still use it twice a day – because we all need a lotion in life. The fact that alcohol (vegetal, certainly) is the 2nd ingredient after water, bothers me a lot, but in reality, it doesn’t dry out my skin, as the brand explains on their official website :

A water-alcohol mixture is used as a means of extraction of many medicinal plants used in cosmetology. It is therefore one of the ingredients in many Dr. Hauschka products.

It is often said that alcohol, because of its drying effect, isn’t suitable for sensitive and dry skin. These claims are more likely to be based on historical reasons. In the past, facial lotions contained high alcohol contents so that the skin could be cleansed with soaked absorbent cotton. By this method of use, part of the natural sebum of the skin was removed by the alcohol. This weakened the skin barrier and caused the skin to dry out.

Dr. Hauschka Lotions aren’t made to remove the remains of cleanser or rub the skin with a cotton pad, they are sprayed directly onto the skin and pressed into the skin by the warmth of the hands. The alcohol contained can only produce its toning effect and evaporate under the action of body heat, without depriving the skin of its sebum.

In fact, after several months of use, I can say that I don’t really like this lotion. A hydrolat, or the thermal spray Serozinc from La Roche Posay… will be more pleasant to use.

Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Face Oil

The promise: Clarifying Face Oil sends a clear message to the skin. It gives it the impulse to produce less sebum on its own. Applied daily, it reveals the natural beauty of the skin. Its composition based on carrot, sweet almond oil, calendula and neem cares for the skin and helps to reduce impurities. Precious oil extracts help the skin to normalize its sebum production while tightening the pores.

Application: In the morning, after cleansing and toning the skin, apply the product to the face, neck and décolleté. The Fluid Day Cream with a few drops of Balancing Face Oil is the ideal care for combination skin. To do this, take a little of both preparations in the palm of your hand, mix and apply (avoiding the eye contour).

Ingredients: anthyllid extract – apricot kernel oil – sweet almond oil – peanut oil – carrot and St. John’s wort extracts – sunflower oil – calendula extract – wheat germ oil – neem leaf extract – jojoba oil – wheat bran extract – essential oils – lecithin (vegetable) – cocoa butter

Price : from 17,9€ per 30ml

My opinion: This oil has a divine smell! It’s a pity I can’t put a lot of it (1/2 drop each time – and only in the morning). I love it! I use so little of it that I preferred to buy the 5ml miniatures (so that it is less heavy in the suitcase). 5ml lasts 1.5 months! For very small pimples, you can put some balancing oil on it and it disappears the next day (thanks to the carrot and neem extracts). It works less well on big pimples on the other hand.

It gives a luminous effect to the skin, this famous “dewy” effect, but the skin does not shine like oily skin. I find that it regulates the skin well during the day. For the “long term skin normalization” effect, I think I’ll have to wait a little longer, I’ve only had this routine for 3 months. For the moment, my skin remains mixed 🙁

Revitalising Day Cream

The promise: The Revitalising Day Cream provides a radiant complexion. This light emulsion based on precious plant oils and extracts supports the skin’s natural sebum production and moisturizing processes, giving it a healthy-looking appearance. The Fluid Day Cream stimulates the skin’s functions and is suitable for most skin types. Its composition based on medicinal plants such as anthyllid, witch hazel and carrot revitalizes and invigorates the skin. Its precious extracts and vegetable oils balance the hydrolipidic film. Even pale and dull skin is revitalized.

Application: In the morning, after cleansing and toning the skin, apply to the face, neck and décolleté. The Fluid Day Cream with a few drops of Balancing Face Oil is the ideal care for combination skin. To do this, take a little of both preparations in the palm of your hand, mix and apply (avoiding the eye contour). The Fluid Day Cream can be used as a make-up base. For the evening, we recommend a non-oily night care with the Toning Night Serum or the Intensive Night Cure.

Ingredients: water – anthyllid extract – apricot kernel oil – alcohol – witch hazel extract – sweet almond oil – olive oil – carrot extract – peanut oil – sunflower oil – St. John’s wort extract – glycerin (vegetable) – calendula extract – lecithin (vegetable) – wheat bran extract – jojoba oil – essential oils – alginate – xanthan gum (natural mucilaginous substance)

Price : from 16€ per 30ml

My opinion: It smells good, even if the smell is discreet, my skin absorbs it very quickly. It is soft, well hydrated and well nourished. The fluid isn’t comedogenic/occlusive at all. I like it very much! The quality/price ratio is excellent, I only need one drop for the whole day. For fall and winter, this fluid is 100% suitable for me.

However, during the summer, it is a bit oily for me, the Day Cream with Lemon Balm will suit me better when it is hot and humid.

Intensive Night Cure

The promise: Dr.Hauschka Intensive Night Care lets the skin breathe freely and reminds it of its natural regeneration processes. The Intensive Night Cure is the ideal impulse for this. It normalizes the skin’s functions and stimulates the skin’s natural forces. Its composition based on rhythmic silver extracts and medicinal plants such as witch hazel and white lily supports the nightly regeneration process and regulates the skin’s fine metabolism. Dry skin relearns to maintain its hydrolipidic balance. Sensitive skin is strengthened. Oily and impure skin reduces its production of sebum and its tendency to keratinization.

Application: Skin cells are renewed in 28 days. To follow this regeneration rhythm, the Intensive Night Cure is used in a 28-day cycle and then replaces the usual daily care. Each year follow as many cures as decades corresponding to the age (for example, 3 cures / year for 30 years). After cleansing the skin, apply the contents of two ampoules to the face, including the lips and eye contour area, earlobes and décolleté. The fourth week, one ampoule is sufficient. Gently penetrate with the warmth of your hands. In the morning, use Dr. Hauschka Day Care. In addition, use the Toning Night Serum or the Regenerating Day/Night Serum for the night care.

Ingredients: water – rose essential oil – marshmallow leaf extract¹ – extracts of aloe¹, bryophyllum¹, anthyllid¹, sunflower¹, white lily¹ and rose petal¹ – witch hazel extract¹ – mica¹ – royal jelly¹ – spring flower honey¹ – colloidal silver¹ – salt

Price: from 18€/week

My opinion: At the beginning, not using night cream bothered me a lot (my skin was pulling), hence the advice of the beautician Dr. Hauschka of an intensive 28-day night treatment: 2 phials/day for 3 weeks and then 1 phial/day for a week. I didn’t believe in it too much, plus it gave me a good purge in the beginning – because of its slightly basic PH, to (I quote the brand) “be able to promote the skin’s nocturnal elimination processes”. But as time went by, my skin became very soft. After the treatment, my skin remains soft and can tolerate the absence of any night care.
The – : The blister system makes me a bit drunk, there is a small tool to break the blisters, but I still find that it makes a lot of broken glasses (and waste). It’s not at all easy to carry in a suitcase, and how expensive it is! But fortunately it was just a 28-day cure.

Honestly, next time I will go more on their night serum rather than this cure.

Revitalizing Mask

The promise: The Revitalizing Mask is a multifaceted treatment that unifies the complexion. Its composition based on medicinal plants such as quince, anthyllid and chamomile has a clarifying and smoothing effect, even in case of impure skin and dilated pores. It noticeably soothes, in particular reddening tendencies, refreshes and relieves sun-damaged skin. Precious plant oils of jojoba and apricot kernel, combined with wheat germ, help keep the skin moisturized. The skin immediately feels refreshed and firmed.

Application: Once or twice a week, apply the Revitalizing Mask in a generous layer to the face (including the eye area), neck and décolleté. Remove after 20 minutes with a compress of lukewarm water. For optimal care, we recommend a deep cleansing of the skin beforehand with the Facial Steam Bath and the Purifying Mask.

Ingredients: water – quince seed extract – alcohol – glycerin (vegetable) – anthyllid extract – apricot kernel oil – jojoba oil – borage extract – fatty alcohols (emulsifiers of vegetable origin) – peanut oil – chamomile extract – bentonite (volcanic clay) – wheat germ oil – wheat bran extract – carrot extract – propolis – essential oils – lecithin (vegetable) – xanthan gum (natural mucilaginous substance) – chlorophyll

Price : from 25,5€ for 30ml

My opinion: My skin drinks this mask in 1 minute. The texture looks so much like a normal cream that I’m very tempted to leave it on all day (besides, it can even be used as a very fine base, under the day cream – if the skin pulls too much). After applying this mask, the skin actually calms down, and is incredibly soft. The smell isn’t sexy but it isn’t omnipresent either. I find the price to be very fair since very little product is used each time. I only bought it in miniature format because I prefer to make masks with manuka honey (which calms redness but also reduces stains).


  • Dr. Hauschka is a very good organic brand with a care protocol to normalize the skin. It has helped me to get rid of my adult acne, to have a stable routine adapted to my skin type.
  • However, as these are natural products, the effect isn’ticed less quickly than with other conventional products. Let’s just say that Dr. Hauschka is used for long-term results; not to get rid of a big pimple the night before a job interview/evening/marriage etc.
  • The quality/price ratio is excellent since you don’t have to use a lot of product each time. In fact, I recommend that you buy either the miniatures or the 30ml sizes to save money. The only product to buy in 100ml is the purifying cream (which is emptied faster than the others)
  • For frequent travelers, Dr. Hauschka isn’t the ideal brand: difficult to find outside Europe, glass bottles too big, too heavy… and above all, it isn’t suitable for tropical climates because the products contain too much oil. It is a brand to be used only in Europe and it is perfect for Europe.

You can purchase Hauschka products on FeelUnique (link) or Lookfantastic (link). They regularly give 20% or 23% off on cosmetics.

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