Facial at Organii Day Spa in Lisbon (Portugal)

Passing in front of Organii, one would have thought that it is another organic cosmetics store (distributing brands such as Dr. Hauschka, Madara, Voya, Ilha, Absolutions).

But it’s a well known facial address (listed in Vogue Portugal beauty editor’s list of favorite facials). And so popular that sometimes you have to book 2 weeks in advance.

This store / spa offers two types of facial care:

  • 60-minute multi-brand facials: where they pick and choose from the products sold in the store, the ones that best suit your skin. They only sell organic brands, so you’ll have a mix of organic products for your face care.
  • 80-minute brand signature facials: some brands have “signature” facials and it’s the same technique used in all the spas in the world – using their products. The beauticians are trained to reproduce the gestures specific to the brand.

So I opted for the 2nd type of facial care. And I did two treatments at their home.

Deluxe by Voya facial at Organii Day Spa

For the first treatment, I opted for a signature treatment from the VOYA brand: TRATAMENTO FACIAL DELUXE BY VOYA- 80 min.

It’s a brand I’ve never heard of. But after talking with the saleswoman, I learned a lot about the brand: it’s an Irish brand, which is basically a spa – with seaweed-based baths.

People liked the experience so much (and especially saw the benefits on their skin) that they asked to be able to extend the experience at home. The brandnow sells – listen carefully – a bag of dried seaweed with salt in it!!!! so you don’t even have to go all the way to Ireland to bathe in it. How cool is that? When am I going to get some Eforie mud delivered to my home too?

Apparently the algae would be picked up by hand. They now have several lines of cosmetic products based on algae – the flagship ingredient.

Their facial care is special because we’re really going to use these so-called seaweed from Ireland!

Already, the service at Organii is really great, there are three beauticians waiting for me for the appointment, I feel so privileged. While the beautician prepares the seaweed (they are dry so she has to put them in a bowl of water so that they return to their usual shape), the saleswoman explains me the concept of the VOYA brand and the products that will be used on my skin.

Then, the beautician explains to me how the session will take place, lets me undress. I am comfortably installed in a bed with a comforter cover ! She passes a warm towel over my back and feet to relax me. She brushes my back dry with a brush. The first 20 minutes are for an oil massage of my back, to relax me.

Then I turn around and she cleans my face and cleavage twice. Each time, she puts a hot towel on me to remove the products, followed by a refreshing mist.

It makes me breathe deeply of the essential oil of je-ne-sais-quoi, 3 times. This is followed by a very pleasant massage (a little too fast for my taste).

And then she puts a mask on me and then I think, “I know that smell, what is it?” and suddenly I’m super hungry. I realize that I associate this smell with sushi… Hum… but yes !! it’s a seaweed-based paste that I have on my head. Then she starts putting real pieces of seaweed to cover my face and I have to look like this I think (I specify that the picture isn’t mine) :

During the double mask, I get an arm massage. It’s great, I don’t like it when I’m left alone with a mask on my face because I always feel like I’m paying for nothing. So that’s the best!

Then she massages me and puts on a second mask. In the meantime, she prepares the hot towels. Finally, she spreads cream on my face, massages me again, massages my head. I think half a jar of cream has passed over my face 😀

At the end of the treatment, my skin is plumped up, glowy dewy, and well hydrated. The beautician confirms that my skin loves algae and that she used the night cream to hydrate it at high speed.

Big surprise: As the algae are reusable, she puts the algae used during the session aside for me, so that I can make a mask with it once a day for the next 3 days

Well, who went out with new products? It’s moooiiii! I needed a new moisturizer anyway (I don’t have one anymore, I finally have an excuse to warm up the credit card). The saleswoman made me try several creams to show me the texture, so I left with the “Me Time” (I love the name), a moisturizing & rich fluid, but my skin loves and drinks it all. It’s great!

I also fell in love with a body brush, perfect for dry brushing. This brush has the function to fight against cellulite and especially to better eliminate toxins

What I liked? The wellness approach (body massage & aromatherapy) and the seaweed used as is. Super luxury service and the super cozy and warm bed.
WhatI liked less ? face massage not deep enough, and the exfoliation almost absent => not suitable for impure or wrinkled skin


  • Voya facial: 90€ for 80 minutes
  • Moisturizing cream: 60€
  • Body brush: 22€

Practical information

How do I make an appointment?

I went to the store to book my facial myself. It’s because I wanted to talk to the saleswoman and get more info. But you can just call. She speaks very very good English. For your information, in February (2019), I only had to wait 3 days to make an appointment, but the saleswoman told me that I was lucky 😀 Each store has only one treatment room.

So if you absolutely want to make an appointment, think about it 2 weeks before your stay in Lisbon.


1st address (that’s where I went to):
within the Embaixada concept store, 1st floor to the leftTEL: (+351) 912932221
Tuesday to Saturday: 12H-20H

2nd address
TEL: (+351) 210990638
Monday to Saturday: 10am to 7pm

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