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As you can see, a Silhouette Studio license can only be purchased through resellers in Europe at a high price. However, offers the option to buy the license online for a much lower cost.

I will show you how to do it directly on the website.

Sign in with your account or create a new one.

The trick is to provide your postal address and credit card information in advance. Otherwise, it won’t work. To do this, go to the “address & payment info” section to enter your address. The website may indicate that it cannot deliver to your location, but it will still save your address.

Next, go to Software => Get Software => Upgrade/Buy:

Choose the license that suits you. I recommend starting with the Designer Edition. If you like it, you can upgrade to other editions by paying the price difference (Designer Edition $25, then Business Edition $25, totaling $50, even if you pay in two installments). I advise you to do this as a precaution, in case it doesn’t work, so you only lose $25 instead of $50.

During the payment process, select the address and credit card you previously entered in your account from the list.

Please note that the payment is in dollars, so if you have a regular bank card, you may incur significant fees.

Personally, I have an international payment card called Revolut that allows me to pay online on foreign websites without fees. You can request it for free by clicking on my referral link here: my referral link, with a small welcome bonus.

You will receive your activation key by email, so make sure to copy it.

Then, go to Software => Apply/manage license keys to apply the activation key to your account.

The premium edition is now linked to your Silhouette account and can be used on three different devices.

Next, open your Silhouette Studio software. In “Help,” click on “Apply the upgrade edition.” Simply enter your login and password, and the new edition will be available immediately.

Once the update is complete, go to your Silhouette account and remove your banking and postal details.

This post is also available in: Français

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