My Honest Review on Domestika

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Today, I would like to share my honest opinion about Domestika, a creative learning platform. This article is NOT sponsored. I paid for the classes with my own money.

I discovered Domestika thanks to the well-respected and genius Lili Storella. Her luxury leather bag class is a delight.

First of all, I am impressed by their mobile app, which offers a smooth and user-friendly learning experience. I have a slightly slow connection and find it convenient to be able to download the classes in advance and not be interrupted.

As for the courses, I must say that the variety offered by Domestika is simply incredible. I am passionate about art and creativity in all its forms, and Domestika perfectly meets my expectations. Whether it’s paper cutting, leatherworking, bookbinding, or graphic design, I always find a captivating course that expands my artistic horizons. The quality of the courses is exceptional, as they are created by renowned experts in each field, ensuring a rewarding learning experience.

Another aspect that I greatly appreciate about Domestika is the availability of subtitles in multiple languages. Many experts speak Spanish, and with my limited level, I greatly benefit from subtitles. With Domestika’s multilingual subtitles, I can fully enjoy the courses.

I also want to highlight the wealth of complementary resources available on the platform. Inspiring articles, detailed tutorials, links to external sources, as well as PDF files with tutorials and templates, are valuable resources that deepen my understanding of the topics covered in the courses.

As I enjoy taking on new challenges, I am delighted to see that Domestika offers classes suitable for all levels. Whether I am a beginner looking to acquire new skills or a seasoned artist in search of inspiration, there is always a course that meets my needs. Within a course, there are modules to acquire basic skills, such as how to cut leather, and how to cut paper, which is ideal for getting familiar with a new discipline. Advanced courses for professionals looking to improve are also plentiful. This makes learning progressive and tailored to each individual.

Despite the variety of instructors, the courses follow a fairly standard structure: introduction of the expert, their inspirations, essential materials, and basic exercises, and then we dive into the main project, following the steps from A to Z, with advice on adapting the model or creating your own.

Finally, let’s talk about prices. I am pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the courses offered by Domestika. Unlike some platforms where prices can be prohibitive, Domestika offers a wide selection of courses for less than €10 per course. I have never paid more than that.

In conclusion, I can wholeheartedly recommend Domestika. Their mobile app, diverse courses, subtitles available in multiple languages, abundant resources, and affordable prices make it an exceptional creative learning platform.

This post is also available in: Français

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