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So it’s decided, are you going to have your teeth whitened? At the dentist in the chair or a smile bar? No, your dentist has offered you a whitening solution with a tray at home! So what’s the point of going to see him and getting scammed?

Well, don’t be so disappointed, I’ll explain why it’s the most economical solution and I’ll give you some tips on how to have an even brighter smile and healthy teeth.

What is ambulatory bleaching?

You put bleach in the custom-made gutters. You wear the gutters for 30 minutes to 1 hour a day for 12/14 consecutive days. The carbamide peroxide present in the product will allow you to gain several shades. It is the least traumatic method for teeth and patients and the most economical in the long term.

Practical advice: How to get value for your money?

Before proceeding with outpatient bleaching, here is the list of things to do to get even more satisfactory results:

1. Descaling at least one week before
2. Buy a toothpaste for sensitive teeth (in pharmacies, such as Sensodyne, Sensitive Elmex, etc.) to reduce tooth sensitivity
3. Temporarily hide foods that can stain teeth (Coke, Ice Tea, curry, bolognese sauce, tea…) to avoid being tempted
4. Buy nicotine patches and prepare yourself psychologically not to smoke for 2 weeks.
5. Prepare two/three toothbrushes, including a manual one
6. Buy Dental Floss

During treatment :
1. Put bleach in the fridge for best results
2. Use only toothpaste for sensitive teeth for the entire treatment
3. Before putting in the trays, brush your teeth with your electronic toothbrush and floss.
4. During treatment, put a (large) tissue in your mouth to absorb saliva
5. After wearing the mouth trays, brush your teeth twice with two different brushes. This will keep the amount of whitening product on your teeth to a minimum (otherwise, it will hurt your ears). Use a manual brush to clean and remove the rest of the product in the trays.
6. If your teeth become too sensitive, reduce the amount of product and the daily treatment time by half. Of course, this will mean that the total treatment time will double, but still, you have to suffer to have an ultra-bright smile. If it becomes unbearable, put toothpaste for sensitive teeth in the trays and leave it in for 30 minutes.

Low cost bleaching

If ambulatory whitening is expensive, it is mainly because of the dentist’s custom-made trays and the follow-up. Since the trays make the whitening more effective (more contact between the product and the teeth) and can be used several times, this method is ultimately very economical. Every year, you can take out your trays and buy whitening products from your dentist.

Why go to the dentist?

Because it is important, for the first whitening at least, that he determines whether you must have a whitening (most of the people concerned already have white teeth), and he will also make a custom-made tray for you. You will then come back to see him once or twice after the treatment for a small check-up.

Where to buy the whitening product from the dentist?

At the dentist. As soon as you have the product, put it in the refrigerator for best results.

Effective whitening products (i.e., concentrated) are no longer available over-the-counter (online or at the pharmacy). Your dentist will give you the product concentrated enough for your needs.

It doesn’t work if..

You have devitalized teeth, crowns, false teeth… please note that those whitening products do not affect these types of teeth. However, if they are well hidden, I don’t see why you don’t offer a shine to those that are clearly visible and will make your smile even more charming.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments!

This post is also available in: Français

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