Best Facials & Massages in Rome (Italy)

We continue the world tour of facials today with my best addresses in Rome.
I must admit that I haven’t tested all the spas and treatments that exist, but I’ve been to so many spas that when the service is exceptional, I know it right away, and I don’t need to go test others and be disappointed.

In Rome, I have 2 addresses for you:

Facial Massage: Kobido at Spring Touch

After several Kobido massages in Paris, I saw a real difference before/after: glowy skin, disappeared nasolabial folds, brighter complexion.

I looked for a Kobido masseuse in Rome and it was the best decision ever.

There is only one certified Kobido masseuse in Rome: Simona Primavera, but she is even more talented than my Parisian masseuses (who had level 4) because she is at level 6 and has been trained by the Japanese Kobido master for 10 years.

Kobido, what is it?

Kobido is an ancestral Japanese massage. To be able to offer a Kobido massage, the practitioner must be certified Kobido, that is to say learn from the Kobido master (a title passed from one generation to another, we are at the 26th generation with Dr. Shogo Mochizuki).

Here’s how the session goes:

  • If you are wearing make-up, you will have a conscientious make-up removal with oil
  • If you aren’t wearing make-up, a light exfoliating cleansing (rice water) will be given to you, with massage, and then removed with heated towels. If you think that this isn’t enough (for example, you have spent the whole day outdoors, between the exhaust pipes, and sweating), do not hesitate to ask for a make-up removal anyway.
  • Simona massages with her eyes closed, which allows her to better evaluate my needs. For example, she immediately detected tensions in my jaw and worked a lot on this area.
  • The décolleté isn’t really massaged, but it is very much stimulated in order to circulate the lymph. Now, with experience, all I need is for a masseuse to touch me so that I know if she knows acupuncture points or not lol 😀 I can confirm that Simona knows them very well and she has assimilated well the Asian culture too, the circulation of energy etc.
  • She also does some light massages on the nape of the neck, arms and legs, so the whole body is relaxed

Since a picture is worth 1000 words, I’m posting a video, I had exactly the same treatment (well, Simona was not in kimono, it’s not practical for massage, but the gestures remain as precise and effective).

By the way, in her cabinet, you will find a paper wreath of cherry blossoms that I gave to Simona 😉 don’t hesitate to send me the picture of the wearth ahaha I will be delighted to see it.

120€ for a 50-minute session
Package of 4 sessions: 400€
This is an excellent rate, given the quality of the service

How do I make an appointment?

Simona speaks perfectly well Italian, English (and a little French), I advise you to send her directly a Whatsapp (rather than by e-mail) +39 329 335 5647 She
answers super fast. She accepts payment by card or cash


Her spa is located in the osteo office: ChiroLab, Via Tacito, 26More
info on his website Spring Touch: http: //

Thai massage with Beatrice

Beatrice is Filipino but has been trained in Thai massage (traditional or oil massage). Because of the Covid, she only offers traditional massage at the moment.
She offers massages in an osteopath’s practice (even the osteopath in question is very well known and regularly appears on TV).

It is so effective that even JB, who is lazy about going for a massage, has come back several times.
We can ask him for a 60 or 90 minute massage.
I came to see her for a massage and I took the opportunity to ask her opinion: do I need an osteo or not and she confirmed that the tensions were only muscular so there was no need.

She provides loose clothing (or you can come with your own). Because of the Covid, you have to keep your mask on during the massage, but it’s OK. She will find by herself the areas with tension, but you can tell her beforehand, she speaks English very well.


60 minutes = 60€90
minutes = 85€
Payment by card or cash


Trastevere Thai Massage by Dr. Benedetti Viale di Trastevere, 108
You can send her an SMS or Whatsapp to : +39 331 4544422 to make an appointment.

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