[Review] MODIBODI Maxi-24hrs, Period Panties for Heavy Flows (10€/$ off your first order)

You probably know my love for menstrual panties and especially those of the Modibodi brand. I have already talked about it here.

Modibodi is an Australian brand, made in China. It sells menstrual panties at a very competitive price, while having very high quality standards in terms of absorption, comfort or the chosen fabric.

The Maxi-24hrs model

A few months ago, I received a newsletter announcing the arrival of a new product called Maxi-24hrs and it can hold up to the equivalent of 10 tampons! Never seen before, all brands of menstrual panties combined.

I immediately ordered the models Maxi-24hrs Classic Bikini and Sensual Hi Waist Bikini Maxi 24-hours

In addition, this collection is much more absorbent and does not cost more than other products equivalent from 2 to 4 tampons. 28€ to 30€ each panty in exchange of leak-free periods? It’s for me!

Whether you are already a customer or not, get 10€ or 10$ off your first order above 60€
on Modibodi Europe (click here) or Modibodi UK (click here) or Modibodi USA (click here)

Packaging & Reception

As usual, the packaging is quite minimalist I must say. Each panty is put in a cardboard envelope. Everything is sent in a compostable bag.

I ordered on October 2nd. For Europe, all packages leave from their warehouse in England so there are no customs fees and the shipping is very fast.
My package left the warehouse on the 3rd of October and I received it on the 12th in Italy.

Note: Be careful, some readers told me that their bank charged them 2€ to 3€ for buying abroad with a credit card – while the site is in euro.
To be sure you don’t have to pay these fees, go through PayPal like me, there are no fees with PayPal. Click here to get 5€ discount for your 1st PayPal order over 10€


I have already bought panties at Modibodi so I know that XS (8) fits me perfectly (36 in French size).
The panties are quite elastic so they fit the body well, without being too tight (nobody likes to be cramped in their clothes during menstruation, don’t they).

I still put the precise dimensions below for both models if you have any doubts. Anyway, I always recommend you to order one panty from them, get a refund if it’s not the right size/if you’re not happy (for your first order, you have 30 days to get a refund), before buying a complete set.

Maxi-24hrs Classic Bikini
Sensual Hi Waist Bikini Maxi 24-hours


This panty is able to hold the equivalent of 10 tampons, but the absorbent part is extremely thin!

Compared to my 3-4 tampons panties, this one is only slightly thicker (maybe 3.5 mm instead of 3), but still not as thick as a standard sanitary pad, you forget it very very quickly

In addition, the part in contact with the skin is made of merino wool, it’s very soft, it doesn’t itch at all! Merino wool never itches.


It’s silly but I was so excited to get my period to try it out.

I have an extremely heavy flow during the first days of the cycle. And when I say extremely heavy, I mean: (1) getting up early or getting up in the middle of the night to change pads (2) regularly staining sheets or clothes (3) cramps, I cannot do anything on the first day of my period

Until then, I was using the 3-4 pad equivalent panties at Modibodi but I had to change them mid-day because they are full, but with Maxi-24hrs, they lasted all day, yes ALL DAY!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is the state of the panties at 12h, 15h and 20h (click). Knowing that I put them on at 9:30am. You can see that the blood is well absorbed, certainly the mucous membranes are absorbed less quickly (in the rules, there isn’t only blood, no breaking news lol), but everything ends up being completely absorbed. However, you can see a small stain of moisture, but this isn’t binding. With sanitary pads, the feeling of wetness is more present than that.

I think that if I wanted to, I could wear it until I went to bed. But hey, I like to change after a long day, especially on the first day of my period.

For the night, 0 leakage because the panties go up very high, in front (below the navel) as well as behind (up to the top of the buttocks). It’s the 1st time I see a panty that covers up to below the navel, it’s great for those who like to sleep on their stomach! Only the hips aren’t covered with absorbent fabric 😀

I will not take pictures of the model Sensual Hi Waist Bikini Maxi 24-hours because it’s the same. The elastic at the waist is just replaced by lace, that’s all.


As the panties are far from being full, there is no smell to report, I don’t know how they did it, but it’s really impressive!


Finally a real panty for the haemorrhagic menstruation which holds all the day. It’s a liberation: I don’t have to change at work anymore, I don’t have to buy a dozen of them either. With this model, it’s simple: 2 panties per day are enough. Modibodi sells sets of 5, which will cover all your period.

Personally, instead of having 20 panties: very heavy flow, heavy flow, moderate flow, light flow etc. I will switch 100% to the Maxi-24hrs model now. This allows me to have less panties, and to travel lighter. The thickness, from one absorption to another, isn’t that different (it’s a matter of millimeters). The fact that the absorbent zone goes up very high, even when I have a light period, doesn’t bother me at all, because it’s so comfortable.

Where to buy?

On the Modibodi Europe website if you are from Europe. On Modibodi UK if you are from the UK

Classic Bikini Maxi 24-hrs (with very soft elastic) costs 28€ and Sensual Hi Waist Bikini Maxi 24-hour model (with lace) costs 30€

Get 10€ or 10$ off your first order above 60€ on Modibodi Europe (click here) or Modibodi UK (click here) or Modibodi USA (click here)

The delivery is free for all orders for the moment, no minimum purchase required.

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