[Review] Eau de Toilette Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel

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Since I wear and work for niche perfumes, I no longer pay attention to those sold in standard perfume stores. However, thanks to my (admittedly few) travels (since 2020), I still spend long hours at Duty-Free stores at the airport to smell and test many perfumes. None of them have convinced me, except for Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel.

The scent is so enchanting that the piece of paper scented with Chance Eau Tendre perfumed the entire plane row. That’s when I knew: I have to buy it.

Thanks to the regular offers at Sephora: -25% on your favorite perfume, I was able to buy my perfume for 52,5€ – 35m

A floral-fruity fragrance where the green and fruity grapefruit-coconut accord, the jasmine sweetness, and the mellow white musk intertwine. A fragrance full of tenderness and delicacy with a poetic trail.

Beware, there are several “Chance” at Chanel: eau tendre, eau fraîche, eau vive… and they are all different.

Even for Chance Eau Tendre, there are two versions:

  • Eau de toilette version (from 70€ for 35ml, my version), Sephora link
  • Eau de parfum version (from 105€ for 50ml), Sephora link

The Scent

This perfume reminds me of a flower that I like a lot. It also reminds me of the Noa Perle perfume, which has been discontinued since then but Chance Eau Tendre is rounder, more accomplished, better formulated. It’s a flowery scent, but it’s not for teenagers either. It’s fresh, pleasant. It’s perfect for summer!


I didn’t think it would last this long. Personally, I quickly can’t smell it anymore. But I was at the beach, 6 hours after I put it on, and as I was paying at the counter, the wind blew through my hair, and the customer next to me was so enamored with my scent that she rushed to ask me the name of my perfume. While I, even with the wind, couldn’t smell it on myself.

I don’t know if Eau de parfum will have a better effect on me. Anyway, the 35ml size was like a test to make sure I like it and that my skin is compatible. For the next purchase, I’ll surely opt for the 50ml Eau de Parfum version.


Nothing to say, it’s pretty, it’s girly. The round bottle does not slip out of my hands. As I travel a lot, I keep it inside its cardboard box. It doesn’t take more space in my suitcase because the bottle is quite flat. Anyway, it’s definitely my favorite scent this summer.

This post is also available in: Français

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