Hermès Le Pégase Cut Wash Scarf: Fake vs. Authentic

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Beware of counterfeit Hermes scarves! Especially for the limited and highly coveted designs like the Pegasus. There are already counterfeits being sold as authentic ones at a premium on the Internet and on eBay.

Here is a small comparison guide so you can see the differences.

Be careful, counterfeits are getting better each day. It is possible that after this guide, the differences indicated will be quickly corrected.

I took the pictures on the Internet so there are surely small details that I did not see, especially the text along the scarf.

First, one can see that there is a difference in size between the fakes and the authentic. The fake exists in several sizes: 90cm in silk, 140cm in silk, or 140cm in cashmere and silk.
While the authentic exists in 140x140cm in silk only. And not just any silk: the washable silk version, so it’s a little thinner than the usual twill silk used on standard Hermès scarves.

First thing first: the main motif (the winged horse) should be in gold (authentic scarf) instead of white and gold (fake).

Here, you may notice that all the oblique lines are coarser and lack contrast vs. the authentic version.

The color shades are poorly done. Any mention of “Hermès” is also absent from the counterfeit version. The name of the square is present (Le Pégase) but Hermès and Hermès Paris are missing.

The rolled edges are also thicker and are in orange while the authentic is in light yellow.

Here, we have the same problem of oblique lines which are too thick and too dark. Contrasts are mostly absent.

And finally, there are a few words missing here.

This post is also available in: Français

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