[Review] Geek & Gorgeous aPad, an azelaic acid serum unlike any other

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I just made a big order at Geek & Gorgeous, a Hungarian brand that you will hear about in the next few months.

If The Ordinary, Niod, Paula’s Choice and Skinceuticals had a child (I know, it’s hard to have a child at 4, but let’s assume), it would be Geek & Gorgeous.

Geek & Gorgeous, what is it?

There is little information about this brand, as it is a Hungarian brand. he creator has created an equivalent of Paula Ingredients, which allows users to write reviews or analyze the ingredients of cosmetic products, and she realized that it would be better to launch her own brand, with products having a minimalist list of active and concentrated ingredients.

When I read the list of ingredients foraPAD, which contains an azelaic acid derivative, I didn’t hesitate for a second to order it. Moreover, it is one of the few brands to be delivered to Montenegro, where I am currently, so I took the opportunity to place a large order.

Azelaic Acid

Do you know about azelaic acid? It’s a star ingredient, which has the advantage of being compatible with every conceivable active ingredient. Azelaic acid is a 3-in-1 active ingredient that helps reduce imperfections, hyperpigmentation and redness. Its effects have been clinically proven.

Thus, it is the perfect ingredient when you have acne, rosacea, or acne pigmentation.

Usually, products containing azelaic acid are in cream form, because azelaic acid must be stabilized in oil or silicone. For example at Paula’s Choice, their azelaic acid booster (FeelUnique link) is in cream form, while at The Ordinary, Azelaic acid 10% suspension (The Ordinary link) is bathed in a silicone base.

But the release of Re:Pigment at NIOD (NIOD link, Lookfantastic link) revolutionized the way azelaic acid is formulated. It is now known that it is possible to provide azelaic acid in the water-soluble form of potassium azelolyl diglycinate (PAD). It is no longer necessary to have a fatty texture, but that of the serums.

aPAD, what is it?

As with NIOD Re:Pigment, this formula uses a new generation water-soluble form called potassium azelyl diglycinate (PAD) which has properties similar to azelaic acid but provides an ultra-light, oil-free texture.

PAD is used to (1) even out the complexion (2) control excess sebum.

However, what is lost with this ingredient vs. pure azelaic acid is that it no longer has an exfoliating effect. That’s okay.

Despite its name (20% Azeclair), aPad contains 6% PAD. This is not the highest concentration that exists on the market, as there are creams prescribed by dermatologists, in the 15% azelaic acid, but it is already a very good formulation.

Price : 10,5€ only (Geek & Gorgeous link)


Water, Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate, Propanediol, Glycerin, Methyl-Gluceth 20, Allantoin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol

  • 6% PAD: very good
  • Allantoin (unknown concentration) is known for its softening and soothing properties.
  • Glycerin (concentration unknown) is a moisturizing ingredient

Who is it for?

aPAD is for you if you are looking for an azelaic acid product that is also light in texture and works well with other products.

It is a formula for all skin types. But it is particularly recommended for skin prone to hyperpigmentation, acne or redness (couperose, rosacea).

How to use it?

It is not really an acid, it is not exfoliating, it is not photosensitizing and can clearly be used in the morning as well as in the evening.

Two drops are enough for the whole face

How to use it with other products

If you use all Geek & Georgous products, you can use it this way

My opinion

Packaging : What I find cute at Geek & Gorgeous is the box with icons specific to each product. The aPAD has the @ icon

All the serums at Geek & Gorgeous are in dark bottles, to protect them from the light. The dropper, included, is superb!

Texture: it’s a bit thicker than Niod Re:pigment (probably because of the glycerin), but much more elegant than The Ordinary & Paula’s Choice. It remains very liquid and pleasant to use. Once applied on the skin, you have to wait a little bit for it to be perfectly absorbed. Afterwards, it doesn’t peel, it’s not sticky. You can spread several layers of other products and serums without any problem. There is no smell.

Results: I applied it on the rest of a small hormonal pimple, which has almost disappeared, but the skin is still a little pink. As of the following day, the redness disappears, it remains a small very discrete spot. At the end of 3 days, one does not find any more the trace of this small pimple. Magic!

I don’t have rosacea so it’s hard for me to comment on it, but I’ve seen a lot of before and after photos from people as red as a tomato, regain a normal complexion thanks to this product. If rosacea is bothering you, try this product, you won’t regret it!

Where to buy?

Geek & Gorgeous is currently only sold on their official website. This allows them to deliver the freshest products.

You can buy it here for 10,5€ per 30ml

Delivery is free for orders over 50€, and costs 5€ for orders between 25€ and 50€. 15€ for any order under 25€.

Personally, I also recommend you to buy C-Glow, B-Bomb and HA 5 Light from the same brand, which I will review later. These products are excellent too.

This post is also available in: Français

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