[Review] Quinton water, a treasure according to a shaman

The other day, I was listening to a fascinating podcast about the journey of Corine Sombrun, a French shaman, when she mentioned a test that was done on the waters. To scientifically prove her powers as a shaman, she had to do a blind test on some water samples.

She did not know the name, the properties.. of those waters. Famous waters, but also ordinary tap waters. She had to communicate with these water samples to tell more about them, a real blind test, without tasting them or anything, only in a trance.

She could communicate with them without difficulty and could tell if this water came from underground – this water came from the surface – based on the animals she perceived during the trances. And then there was a water so joyful that made her feel emotions, to the point of singing her a beautiful song, in an incredible language. I quote:

His spirit told me that this water was a treasure, that it was vital, and should be made known. It was a wonderful trance, and I asked what water it was and [the one who prepared the blind test] told me that it was Quinton water, water made of a mixture of ocean water and spring water, used as a fortificant today that is said to contain all the minerals in Mendeleev’s periodic table, and that it is a powerful fortificant. Besides, it has a similar isotonicity to blood plasma in its acid/base balance. Yet, I didn’t know what it was.

Excerpt from the interview here. However, the part about the blind test is accessible only to subscribers

It’s hard to resist such an incredible presentation. I immediately began my research on this miraculous water.
A water so joyful and that needs to be more known. It’s for meeeee!

René Quinton, a French biologist, and physiologist, who gave the name to this water, had the idea of reconstructing the damaged cell using seawater because it has a chemical composition very similar to that of blood plasma. Our food has become poorer and poorer in minerals, our life has become more and more stressful, our body is devoid of minerals, and it is important to mineralize itself. We take food supplements (iron, magnesium), but the addition of one element (magnesium) may reduce another essential element (calcium). So, introducing Quinton water which contains +70 necessary ionic minerals, in the right proportion for our body, is a better solution.

Quinton water promotes: good electrolyte balance, normal energy metabolism, helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion, improves the normal nervous system and psychological functions, stimulates immune function, and promotes proper hormone production.

Basically, as the shaman used to say, this water is a treasure and it must be made known.

In my opinion, it is a cure to be done absolutely BEFORE and AFTER a trip around the world, to regain all your physical capacities and to avoid anemia which very often occurs after a trip around the world, especially if you have spent time in places where you don’t eat very well (South America, India, Nepal…).

To learn more, you have these two very interesting links:

  • The first one explains the origin of this water. Why it is so important that it contains the elements of Mendeleïev, how it is beneficial for our body, I invite you to read the article of the Lyon naturopath Manon Borderie (in french). You can also follow her on Instagram. She makes very digestible and interesting files.
  • The second one explains why our body is demineralized and how we can do it thanks to Quinton’s water. You can read it here (in french)

To extract this water, it is necessary to choose a preserved place, with high mineral composition stability, at a depth of about 30 meters, then cold filtered according to Dr. Quinton’s protocol, which has been made public. It is necessary not to heat the water (otherwise, it loses its virtues), which is why the filtration process set up by Dr. Quinton is indispensable – and expensive.

To make seawater drawn from the sea actually resemble blood plasma (about 33g/L of salt in seawater vs. 9g/L in the blood), it must be mixed with spring water. You can buy ready-made solutions sold in ampoule form: 71% freshwater, 29% seawater. This is the Quinton isotonic® 30 ampoules of 10ml. The version Quinton hypertonic® which contains 100% seawater, is obviously much saltier but boosts more energy. You can easily find them at the pharmacy or online (here, for example).

Apparently, during World War II, blood transfusions could be done with Quinton’s water because of a lack of donated blood. And even today, certain diseases such as tendinitis can be treated with an injection of Quinton water (by a race doctor) in the affected area to facilitate cell regeneration.

Each package costs about 20 euros for 30 ampoules of 10ml. However, 3 to 6 ampoules per day are needed, making a cure of one or more months a little too expensive.

So, I preferred to buy Quinton water in 1L format. The Ôdevie brand is highly recommended by those who have tested it.

There are also two versions: Isotonic, i.e., already mixed with a low mineral content water, it can be drunk as is.
Or the Hypertonic version, which contains 100% seawater. To consume it, it will be enough to dilute 250ml of Hypertonic Odevievie with 750ml of water weakly mineralized like Volvic…

So I bought a 1-liter bottle of Ôdevie Hypertonique for 24€ here + 4,9€ delivery
I bought a bottle of Mont Roucous (very low in minerals) at the supermarket to make the necessary mix.

Thus, a 1L bottle like this, mixed with 3L of lightly mineralized water, would give the equivalent of 400 ampoules of isotonic plasma. It is immediately more economical!

My need

My gum problems came back (my dentist warned me when it’s hereditary, it’s not easy to get rid of it, normally I have to take antibiotics every 6 months for that). So after taking antibiotics, I was exhausted.
Because of the lockdown and my very abundant periods, I now find myself with a drop in energy and a significant drop in vitality.
Following my blood test last year, I discovered that my ferritin level was too high.
I’m going to use Quinton water to see what it can do for me.

I know it sounds very irresponsible, I have xxx problems, but I’m going to try to solve them all with one thing! Let’s say that I’m careful what I eat, I’ve reduced a lot of meat, dairy products, because of the confinement, we don’t go to restaurants anymore, and the absence of microwaves in the apartment means that I heat everything in the pan (great progress). But that’s not enough.

My opinion


The shipment is very careful, and even if the bottle was shaken in all directions, everything remained intact. There is a kind of lozenge that serves to maintain the water’s balance and virtues, which you can remove once you receive it. Frankly, I don’t really see why we need this little lozenge, so I left it as is.

Packaging & capacity

The bottle is made of glass and very heavy. Unfortunately, I’ll have to find a way to bring it with me on a trip because it’s 1.6kg heavier in the suitcase. But 1L is really too much because I only take 7.5ml a day. It will take me several months to finish it. Those who are used to it take up to 30ml a day.

My Usage

That’s why I found another use for it: I also use it as a mouthwash. That’s right! I’m already used to using saltwater (water mixed with salt). My grandmother used to make it every night, keeping it in her mouth for 30 minutes, and for the rest of her life, she didn’t lose any teeth, so it must be a good idea. With Quinton water, the water is naturally salty (normal, it’s seawater). Moreover, it contains trace elements capable of re-mineralizing my teeth. I also hope that the saltwater will also get rid of the bad periodontal bacteria. I really need it as my dentist warned me against my gum recession and bone loss if I did nothing.

Then, I also wood it according to the recommendations.

So my use :

  • 10ml undiluted in mouthwash. Then I spit out. I do it twice a day after brushing my teeth.
  • Just after, I drink 2.5ml of isotonic Quinton water diluted in 30ml of non-mineralized water (I use Mont Roucous water): normally, I would have to dilute 2.5ml in 7.5ml of non-mineralized water to get the hypertonic solution, but it’s too salty. The taste is barely bearable. It really makes me want to vomit. So I prefer to mix with a lot of water right away. Anyway, I was going to drink water at some point so that it would have been diluted. That’s why I don’t mix Quinton water with normal water in advance. I prepare it 3 times just before I drink it, and I don’t take any more water afterward.

Thus, I will need 27.5ml per day => I will last 36 days with a 1L bottle with this method which comes back to me at 0.7€ per day, much cheaper than ampoules.

If you don’t like homemade grub, I think it’s best to buy it right away isotonic version. You don’t have to bother mixing the waters, but it will be more expensive that way.

1st results

At the end of my antibiotics for the teeth, the gums are in better condition, but I still have a little pain, despite using Quinton water as a mouthwash.
As soon as I stopped taking the antibiotics, I started drinking Quinton water again, and the gum pain disappeared very quickly. I don’t know if it’s because the antibiotics started to take effect or something to do with the water. In any case, what I notice is that using it as a mouthwash is absolutely not enough. I have to drink it too.

2nds results

After 2 weeks, I started to regain some vitality. Taking antibiotics had finished me off. At least there, I regained motivation to go out, take care of the decoration, and write articles.

I’m starting to have significant water retention and acne flare-ups. I’m swollen all over. I can’t even wear my wedding rings anymore.
I don’t know if it’s related to the heat, but most of the time, I stay indoors in a cool place. You can’t say the heat has much impact on me. On the site where I bought my water, they explain this phenomenon very well: Marine plasma’s main function is deep cellular cleansing. When the cell receives a supply rich in bioavailable elements (such as marine plasma), it discharges its waste. Therefore, by drinking good doses of marine plasma, your cells release a significant amount of waste products into your moods (your physiological fluids). This waste is acidic in nature. Since the blood’s pH cannot vary (it must remain at 7.35), the organism is obliged to compensate. One of the options for compensation is the dilution of the humors. Tissue water is used by the body to dilute and regulate the pH of the blood (a defense reaction of the body) rapidly. There will be general or localized retention, depending on the case and the area’s acidification.

As a result, Quinton’s water consumption must be reduced temporarily while helping with waste disposal.
I don’t think I’m taking much already, but my emunctories seem to be overloaded. So I’ll have to adjust my diet as well to discharge my liver and kidneys.

I’m really not ready to eat organic and healthy overnight. In the Amazon, the village shaman confirmed that whenever someone was seriously ill, rice as the only food was often recommended + other medicines based on plant roots. So, as I still have my 9kg of Thai rice bought during the confinement, I will eat it until the end of our stay in Rouen 😀


Well, it takes time to see the effects (at least a month). In my case, just for gum pain alone, Quinton water was very effective.
Update December 2020:
Although my dentist has given me a new tooth brushing protocol, with Quinton water’s daily intake for 3 months, the before/after X-rays seem to show bone regeneration. I don’t know what to think about it, but it must be working.

As for vitality, I don’t know if it’s linked to the end of the antibiotics, the deconfinement, the planning of our tour de France which also plays on the morale, but I am indeed much less tired and emptied of my energy than before 😀 In short, I can’t say if my body is indeed mineralized. We’ll see with time.

Update 3 weeks later: no dental pain to report, I regained my vitality and energy. Water retention is gone. I am now at 20ml of Quinton water per day taken in 3 times (+ 2 mouthwashes).

There you go, I hope you learned something today, see you soon!

Where to buy?

You can buy 1 liter of Ôdevie Hypertonique for 24€ here + 4,9€ delivery in relay point.

You can also opt for the bulb version Quinton isotonic® 30 ampoules of 10ml. The version Quinton hypertonic® which contains 100% seawater, is obviously much saltier but allows to boost the energy more. You can easily find them at the pharmacy or online(here, for example).

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