Facial at Skinlife in Lisbon (Portugal)

Today, I tested for you the facial care at Skin Life. It’s the good secret plan of the lisboetes and I learned that it was an address frequented by stars too

What is it?

Skinlife is a perfume and cosmetics store (with a lot of cool brands like Pai, Aesop, by Terry), but every Wednesday there is a dermatologist / beautician with fairy hands who comes by and offers facials.

Most of the facials here are for anti-aging, using expensive machines to fight against skin sagging, etc. type Mesotherapy, Botox but this isn’t (yet) my thing so I opted for a skin cleansing treatment (deep).

My Facial

The treatment lasts 1h30 and takes place at the back of the store, in a super cosy room.

24 hours before the treatment, I receive an SMS (even though I gave my French mobile number) reminding me of the appointment and asking me to confirm for the next day, it’s super pro, I love it!

When I arrived at the salon, I was very well received, I was offered coffee/water. I had a little chat with the person at the reception desk, and I learned that the salon was popular with Portuguese personalities, that the treatment is too good, and that I won’t be disappointed. That’s when Isabel, my dermatologist/aesthetician, appeared. With a sincere smile and gentleness.

She speaks a bit of English, a bit of French, and a bit of Spanish, so communication is very fluid between us. She asks me to take my top off and then lie down on the self-heating bed (I love it)

It starts with a super make-up removal and cleansing of the skin and décolleté. Then follows a steam bath (during which she massages my arms). Then she removes blackheads and absolutely all the sebaceous filaments from my face (and neck too). Ohhlalala she must have a lot, a lot of patience!

I always feel too bad that someone has to do that, and generally speaking, beauticians in France will always bitch or try to make you feel bad and then sell products.

But she, no, nothing, no sighs or negative remarks. She does it all very, very gently. It’s the first time in my life that I fall asleep while I’m having my blackheads removed ahahah

Finally, I get a very long massage of the face, of the décolleté… with a kind of very moisturizing serum. She put on layers and layers of serum and my skin drank it all! I recognized lymphatic massage gestures, to remove toxins from the face. And it was so relaxing that my whole body relaxed, I was between dreaming and waking up, I was half asleep during the whole treatment, it was super pleasant.

In the end, she still spreads cream on me. And I “wake up” very slowly, I think the treatment lasted more than 1h30. My filthy skin, blocked because of an unsuitable Portuguese cream, has become luminous, smooth, plumped up and so well hydrated. The effect lasted for several days after the treatment. No pimples to report after the treatment

I ask her a few questions about the state of my skin and she gives me some advice available at the pharmacy to better face pigmentation (Vitamin C). I’m glad she tells me that my pores aren’t as large as I thought they would be. Every time I ask the questions, she’s not there to push to buy or sell anything. I don’t feel any judgment, it’s really nice.


  • Purifying treatment: 1h30, 90€

Practical information

Payment can only be made in cash (or with a Portuguese credit card). So bring enough money with you.

How do I make an appointment?

I made an appointment on the spot. They only have a list of treatments in Portuguese but Portuguese is very similar to French so I could choose my treatment without any problem. Then, the salesperson/receptionist (who noted the appointment) speaks very good English and will be able to help you if needed.


(+351)211 930
[email protected]

My beautician’s name is Isabel

Anh est toujours très occupée à profiter de jolies choses, et à fabriquer de petites bricoles de ses propres mains. **** Hi, my name is Anh. I am a Vietnamese-French DIY passionate, beauty lover and cosmetic tester.

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