How can I get a refund from The Ordinary / Niod / Deciem?

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As you may have known, DECIEM (the company behind The Ordinary, Niod, Hylamide…) is very proud of their policy of a full refund within 365 days of purchase, even if the product has been opened and half-used.

I will show you in this article how to return products and get your money back.

  1. You must make the purchases on the official site of DECIEM (and not at the retailers such as Sephora…)
  2. I recommend you to pay by PayPal (I will explain why). If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, I can sponsor you. Click here to get a 5€ discount for your 1st order (> 10€)
  3. Within 365 days of purchase, you may return them if you are not satisfied with your products.
  4. DECIEM does not refund shipping costs, but if you purchased via PayPal, PayPal would refund the shipping cost without any problem
  5. Once DECIEM receives your returns, they will reimburse you within 8 working days.

We will discuss steps 3 to 5 in more details.

What products can I return?

  • Only products purchased on the DECIEM official website in the last 365 days
  • Your products must be in the original bottle. If you have lost the cardboard box, it is not a problem. They want it to be in the original bottle, that’s all.
  • If you bought a kit (with several products), you have to send the whole kit back and not keep one of the products, for example.
  • And the product must be at least 50% full (normally, if you are not happy with the product, you don’t use it to the last drop either)
  • If you have several products to send back, but from several orders, you can send them back in the same package, there is no problem.

How to return DECIEM products?

  • Attach the invoice(s) of the order(s) with your products. If you can’t find the invoice, find the order email and print it.
  • Then, take a picture of the package’s content & the package with the packing slip on it.
  • Send your package to the DECIEM warehouse in the UK (if you are in Europe). You can either use Colissimo or UPS to get a tracking number. Write down the tracking number and keep the Colissimo & UPS receipt (with the shipping price clearly indicated)

1510 Caterpillar Road.
Mississauga, ON L4X 2Y1

Deciem USA LLC
75 Oxford Drive
Moonachie, New Jersey

Deciem UK Ltd
Unit 8 Castle Park
Queens Drive
Nottingham NG2 1AH
United Kingdom

Netherlands (for return of in-store and Click & Collect purchases only):
Deciem Netherlands B.V.
Runstraat 10
Amsterdam, 1016 GK

Unit 13, 331 Ingles Street
Port Melbourne, VIC 3207

  • Fill out the return form here.
  • Attention, if the package contains products from several orders, you have to fill in one form per order because you can only put one Order # (order number). You can enter the same tracking number for several forms, of course
  • If you paid DECIEM order with a credit card, the return shipping costs will not be refunded

How to get a refund of the return shipping costs by PayPal

If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, I can sponsor you. Click here to get 5€ discount for your 1st order (> 10€)

  • If you paid DECIEM previously with PayPal, the return costs with PayPal are covered (and limited to 12 returns per year and a maximum of 30€/return). To do so, activate the service (even if your DECIEM purchase took place BEFORE the activation of the service, PayPal would still refund you)
  • To activate the service, please visit:
  • Once the service is activated, you can go to the “Activity” tab to find the order you need to return.
  • Click on “Request a refund of the return shipping costs.”
  • Fill out the returns form.
  • This is where you have to upload the Colissimo/UPS receipt (with the shipping price of the package) and the photo of the package (with the form indicating the address of DECIEM if you use UPS, for example)

Reimbursement by Deciem

Once the package and the products are received and verified by DECIEM, it is necessary to wait 3 to 8 working days for the refund to be processed.

When it’s done, you will receive 2 emails, one to say that your return has been accepted, and the second one with the updated invoice (where it’s clearly marked that you have returned this or that product)

DECIEM will reimburse you on the payment method you used to pay. If it is PayPal, it happens at PayPal. If it is a credit card, it will be on your credit card.

There you go, I hope you enjoyed this article. To know which products to buy at DECIEM, you can check my reviews on this blog

This post is also available in: Français

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