[Review after 6 months] FOREO LUNA Play Plus – Before/After Photos

You know my love for cleaning brushes. I had a regular Clarisonics Mia 2 and then traded it in for a Clarisonic Mia Fit for the trip. I like Clarisonics very much but it has become harder and harder to find replacement brushes, especially since Sephora France no longer distributes them at all.

So I decided to switch to a Foreo Luna Play Plus. The advantage of all Foreo facial brushes is that they do not require any additional purchases/accessories.

What is Foreo?

Foreo offers cleansing brushes for the face (and neck) made of soft silicone . The T-Sonic™ pulses are diffused through soft silicone bristles to gently cleanse your pores and remove up to 99.5% of impurities and excess oil as well as dead cells and makeup residue. The idea is that it vibrates so quickly that mechanically, impurities are removed from the pores.

What advantage vs. Clarisonics?

It is more or less the same principle as Clarisonics, except that here there are no brushes with bristles, but very soft silicone bristles. You don’t need to change brushes every 3 months. With this absence of brushes, the cleaning is softer and adapted to the sensitive skins.

The other advantage is that there is no need to change brushes.

And finally, the battery lasts much longer than Clarisonics (several months vs. one month for Clarisonics Mia Fit)

Why is it necessary to use a cleaning brush?

My favorite beautician and I agree on one thing: I can’t clean my skin properly with my hands. And since the introduction of a cleansing brush in my life, she has noticed, like me, that there are far fewer blackheads and sebaceous filaments on my nose.

I see a clear difference when I use a brush, or not, especially in polluted countries. Double cleaning isn’t enough to remove small particles of dust and pollution, and when I don’t use the brush in polluted countries, the next day I always have a pimple.

Which Foreo to choose?

There are a lot of models, some have the massage mode, others do not. The intensity of the vibrations can be adjusted or not. The brand new model is even connected to an app, allowing you to follow a live massage tutorial etc… I find that compared to the main function requested, it is much too expensive. The feedback I get regarding the massage functions of the machine isn’t unanimous. Moreover, the standard machines seem much too big for me.

So I chose the smallest, without any charger: the Foreo Luna Play Plus.

In the beginning, Foreo launched Luna Play: a disposable machine. The idea behind this machine is to make people want to try Foreo and upgrade to a more expensive version. But users liked this mini version so much, and criticized the non-ecological disposable side, that the brand released a model with a replaceable battery Luna Play Plus.

Attention: you must choose the Luna Play Plus version and not the Luna Play version at all. Luna Play is non-rechargeable, it is to be thrown away after the battery runs out. But the battery of Luna Play Plus can be replaced.

Inside the plastic shell of all Foreo, you will find a small magnetic strip in the shape of Foreo with a number. Everybody searched the internet to find out what it was ahahha, if you should keep it, but in fact, it’s just the specific number of the machine for the warranty 😀 You can just take a picture of it.

What I like

  • Its size and featherweight
  • It cleanses the skin perfectly
  • Many color choices
  • The price : 49€, without brush to buy in addition, frankly it is a good plan
  • Made of silicone that dries quickly and is non-porous, preventing the formation of bacteria
  • Up to 35x more hygienic than conventional nylon brushes
  • It can be used in the shower without any problem
  • Autonomy at the top: It works with an AAA battery, I thought it would be difficult to open it, but in reality, with a Swiss Army knife, I can remove the screws and put a new battery back in without any problem.
  • The battery lasted me 6 months for daily use (once a day). The brand speaks of 400 uses (more than a year), but as I let it vibrate for hours by mistake, the battery only lasted 6 months 😀

What I hate

back button ON/OFF
  • There is no timer, i.e. the brush vibrates when you turn it on (button to be pressed behind) but it does not stop by itself. It doesn’t announce, like the big brushes, every 10 or 20 seconds… to move to a new area. So you have to count by yourself and move to another area of the face. The ideal is to spend 1 minute on the face. It is also necessary to stop it manually.
  • There are 2 zones: one with finer pimples to cleanse sensitive/normal skin on the wider areas such as the cheeks or forehead, and the other with thicker pimples for deep and targeted cleansing on areas such as the T-zone. In reality, the brush is so small that it is difficult to use just one area. I apply the entire brush to my face and don’t know exactly which area is cleaning my skin
  • The vibrations are less important than Clarisonics so the cleaning foams less with Foreo. To make it foam more, I put the cleanser directly on the Foreo, then I apply it on my wet skin
  • The two screws providing access to the battery oxidize quite quickly. It can be used in the shower, but provided that it isn’t left in a plate of water permanently (not next to shampoos, soaps … roughly). In general, I put it on the sink.
  • It is obligatory to travel with its small plastic box (which I unfortunately misplaced). Because it started to vibrate by itself during the trip (and doesn’t stop by itself), the battery has been discharged in a few hours

Results (before/after pictures)

I would be lying if Itold you that these results, obtained after 6 months, are only due to Foreo (I had some facials, introduced other products, like The Ordinary 10% Niacinamide, 1% Zinc).

But it has helped a lot, among other things, to eradicate pimples and exfoliate . And if there are no more pimples = no more new spots. Well exfoliated skin = fading spots.

before/after 6 months

Where to buy Foreo Luna Play Plus?

You can buy at the official Foreo website directly (click here), no customs tax to pay in EU.

Simply at Sephora FR (49€, click here to buy),

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