[Shopping in Paris] Find the perfume of your dreams at Nose Paris

It’s me again, and I’m always talking about perfume (I guess that’s the theme of the month). After discovering two really incredible perfumes, I became a little more interested in niche perfumes and one name comes up often: NOSE PARIS.

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It is a store created by several perfumers (“nez”) and they have a store in Paris and an e-commerce site. Since I’ve already gone to Haute-Normandie for a month-vacation, I just ordered online.

The pitch: it is THE place where you can find the fragrance of your dreams thanks to a high-tech perfume diagnosis elaborated by experts in artificial intelligence and renowned perfumers

According to the articles I’ve read on the Internet, the in-store experience is quite similar to the online process – i.e. salespeople also rely on the software they use to advise customers – so why not just do everything online?

Step 1

You must first create an account on the site

Step 2

It is necessary to inform the perfumes which we have worn, which we are wearing… If you have never worn perfume, there is a box to tick if you need to. The list isn’t exhaustive, but you can still find a lot of perfumes (9000 !!).

Step 3

The tool instantly brings me a list of the notes I like, based on the list of my perfumes.

Step 4

Then, I have access to the list of perfumes – sold on the site – for which I am offered to buy the samples for 10€ (10€ for 5 samples). The delivery isn’t very expensive (1,5€ of memory per tracked letter – because I ordered less than 15 samples)

Step 5

A few days later, I receive my sample kit (+ the samples I ordered in addition) at home, with the papers to do the test, just like in perfumery. What I like is that the samples are in the shape of a spray, very practical.

Step 6

I then receive an email inviting me to evaluate the fragrances I received.

As soon as I have finished evaluating the fragrances, a new diagnosis and a list of 5 other fragrances are offered to me and I can buy a new sample kit for 10€.

And the 10€ I spent on samples will be refunded in the form of a purchase code.


Website: https: //noseparis.com/fr/

I find their diagnosisn’t bad at all because out of the 5 samples I received, I liked 2 of them. The fact of having samples, being able to test them on your skin, evaluating the different notes of the perfume… helps a lot to choose the perfume that suits your skin the best.

I think I’m still missing another sample kit to find the fragrance of my dreams. I chose to stop here because the perfumes offered are still expensive, and I already have enough stock for the next few months.

The plusses: very simple procedure, fast shipping and cheap delivery. I like the format of the samples (with spray) very much. The 10€ discount code too. You can order samples of other perfumes (even those not included in the 5 recommendations) for 3€/sample. This is very advantageous, especially for the perfume extracts sold on the site)

The minus : since the diagnosis is based on what we like, it is difficult to aim for anything other than the ingredients and types of fragrances we like. For someone who wants to radially change fragrances, we won’t know where to start with this tool I think. The sponsorship program only gives benefits to the sponsors, not to the sponsorees.

Anh est toujours très occupée à profiter de jolies choses, et à fabriquer de petites bricoles de ses propres mains. **** Hi, my name is Anh. I am a Vietnamese-French DIY passionate, beauty lover and cosmetic tester.

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