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Have you ever heard of anti-blemish patches? No ? Neither did I, until I came across a more than laudatory article about COSRX patches on sokoglam.

When you hurt yourself (when you cut your finger for example), you put a bandage on the wound, impregnated with good antiseptic products, to protect it and heal faster. A pierced button is also a wound, why not treat it in the same way? You have understood it, the acne/blemish version bandage = anti-blemish patches.

Impregnated with products, these patches help the pimples to heal better by absorbing the liquid present in the pimples (stink, blood…). Once this liquid is absorbed, they become white opaque, usually after a night or a whole day.

They can also help reduce the size of painful pimples that are well hidden under the skin – or, in some cases, help the pimple mature more quickly

Apparently, COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch is the best on the market (it lasts all night and is more absorbent).

I couldn’t test other brands but I have noticed, using these COSRX patches, that they are really effective. The pictures don’t come from me but it’s exactly like that in real life.

Why I love it

– They really keep the promise: pimples heal faster, don’t come back (sometimes a pimple with a hole hides another one), and don’t leave any trace of acne (very important!)
– Protected by the patch, pimples are not likely to be touched by our fingers that aren’t super clean- They lastall night
– They are discreet: you can hide them under makeup
– A sheet contains 24 patches, with 3 different sizes. If the maximum size is too big, we can cut with scissors (all the patch is sticky and not only at the edges)

To be improved

– When they become opaque white, it’s hard to hide them => use them for pimples that hurt and that are hidden under the skin; not for pimples that are already pierced, otherwise they become opaque white quite quickly
-They don’t work on blackheads or microcysts
-If you have a lot of pimples, it becomes expensive (it costs 3€ for 24 patches)

Despite these negative points, I still highly recommend these patches. It’s a backup option for buttons that appear by chance the day before a romantic interview/meeting. And above all, I recommend them to those who can’t help fiddling with their buttons and make the situation even more catastrophic.

Where to buy them?

On YESSTYLE, you can use this referral link or my referral code K7BPCF to benefit from discounts for your 1st order.
There are no customs fees. If you ever have to pay them, they will be refunded to you. It is a safe site, where I made purchases, the price is almost the same as what you find in Korea. Good shopping!

This post is also available in: Français

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