[Review] Uniqlo Beauty Light Wireless bras – life changing!

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Thanks to the 7 months I spent in Europe, I finally had the opportunity to renew my wardrobe with my favorite brands, including Uniqlo. I consider that everything we use, and especially everything touching our skin, must be of the best quality. So even if it’s everyday underwear, it has to be comfortable, beautiful, in beautiful fabric.

I’ve been using bras at Uniqlo (the Beauty Light model) for several years now so I’ll give you a feedback in this article.


Body: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane / Inner fabric: 100% Polyester
At the moment, Uniqlo has two types of wireless bras: cotton or polyamide. The cotton version is less pleasant, I strongly advise you to opt for the Polyamide version (Beauty Light).
Each bra costs 20€, but the less traditional colors (blue, pink) are often on sale, at 5,5€. It’s clearly worth it!


This model has as few seams as possible so everything is very soft. Even at the straps, they do everything to make it as comfortable as possible


uniqlo beauty light

The cups are padded just right. It’s all sewn together so it won’t move. The padding is very discreet and is barely 3mm, which gives a nice shape to the chest, but in no case does it artificially pad the chest.

What’s really nice is that you can’t even guess the edges of the cups even when wearing a tight garment. I’ll show you a picture here, where I’m wearing several quite transparent shirts. You can’t guess the edges of the cups.

Having worn underwired bras for years, it’s a pleasure to find alternatives at Uniqlo that offer support without being too tight. The clips are very discreet at the back as well, it doesn’t itch or hurt. The straps are also very soft and a bit elastic. Honestly, trying it is adopting it! I recommended it to a friend, who was very sceptical at first. But as soon as she tried it on, she was won over and ordered several bras.

My friend has tried it and confirms that even for big breasts, the support is real. She also tells me that it gives an incredible wonderbra effect on big breasts, without having 3cm foam like push up bras. For smaller breasts, it gives a nice curve too.


It’s a shame. They wanted to make one-size-fits-all type of bras. Thus, the A cups won’t be very happy because the shape of the cups doesn’t necessarily fit their curve (there is a gap between the skin and the cup). The AA, A and B cups use the same model, so… the AA and A cups will have to buy other brands.

However, B, C, D, E cups will be delighted because these bras adapt very well to their morphology, following the shape of the breasts, while raising it a little.

It is very hard to find his size on the Uniqlo website. And even harder when you are looking to buy them on second hand sales sites, because inside the bra, it’s said S, M, L… and nothing to do with European sizes.

The easiest way would be to buy on the Uniqlo website. I told you that cups B, C, D, E will be able to buy without problems. In any case, the size guide is correct.

For the other sizes, you’ll have to try the product on the spot, because the sizes are a bit odd compared to the shape of the cups.

Washing instructions

It says to wash by hand, but have I ever washed anything by hand? It goes in the washing machine just fine. It’s better to wash them in a net, to prevent the cups from deforming, but I’ve actually been mistreating them for many years without any problem.

After 3 years of machine-washing, indeed, one of the cups has deformed… but I think it’s a miracle that it’s still holding when I’m not paying any attention to the washing. In any case, there are no holes, tears to report. Ah yes, the beige color must be washed with white or beige clothes, otherwise the color will darken over time.

In short, a life-changing bra! It offers a lot of comfort, while being very pretty, for an affordable price.

This post is also available in: Français

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