NIOD: Brand Review & Bestsellers – Before/after Pictures

NIOD is a brand of DECIEM, which also includes Hylamide, The Chemistry Brand and The Ordinary in its offering. DECIEM is a Canadian company based in Toronto. All products are still manufactured in Canada.

The history of DECIEM

The story of DECIEM is the story of its founder Brandon Truaxe, who unfortunately passed away too soon. After several years at Indeed Labs, he decided to leave and found his own company DECIEM (Latin word which means TEN like TEN brands that he will create). Because of his former experience at Indeed Labs, he had a 3-year non-competition clause, forbidding him to create any face product. So instead, Brandon launched food supplement products, body and hair products. Success was immediate with The Chemistry Brand. His anti-aging hand cream is so effective that women also use it for facial wrinkles.

During interviews, journalists regularly asked Brandon if he used his own products and the answer was negative. Because Brandon was in the lab all the time, he had access to the most advanced technology

After a few years of “do you use your own products?”, Brandon launched NIOD, that was his answer. He could say that he used SS, CAIS and MMHC from Niod.

NIOD is the acronym for Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science which also suggests it is as effective as invasive options.

At the beginning, he did not expect such a craze for Niod, because NIOD is intended primarily for the very specific demands of Brandon and his collaborators, a kind of cosmetics for cosmetic geeks. NIOD is aimed at a niche: skincare-addicts who are looking for products with long-term effects, who like to read labels & decipher ingredients, while trying to understand how such and such active ingredient penetrates to the skin, and how it remains stable in its container and on the skin.

But the users have decided: CAIS received many positive reviews and cosmetic awards.

Brandon notes that many cosmetic brands tout the merits of active ingredients that have been known for ages, such as Vitamin C or niacinamide, and talk about them as if they were a novelty and sell them at a high price.

On the other hand, NIOD which is a real bomb in the industry, with advanced technologies of several years, isn’t appreciated at its true value. So he decided to launch The Ordinary, the 11th brand, with very accessible prices to show us “look, ingredients as old as the world are cheap. If NIOD’s price is so high, it’s because there’s real technology behind it, and expensive ingredients”.

The Ordinary’s best-selling serum, Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% costs $1 in ingredients and DECIEM sells it for $5.6 while still making money (Brandon revealed The Ordinary had more margins than Niod).

The genius behind The Ordinary is to get the public interested in active ingredients, and then get them interested in Niod. This strategy worked very well for me anyway, after being bluffed by The Ordinary Buffet + Copper Peptides 1%, I wanted to look for a better formulated product and I bought my first NIOD CAIS 2

In short, if The Ordinary only sells highly concentrated active ingredients and some very old ones, Niod (and Hylamide) offer fully formulated products, highly concentrated in innovative active ingredients.

NIOD is Brandon’s vision. It is the brand that resembles him the most, NIOD is the ideal of cosmetics according to him.

While with The Ordinary, for business reasons, he has released products to please users that he doesn’t believe in, such as highly concentrated AHA + BHA acids and retinols.

Is it effective?

I just put the picture before/after 3 weeks of using CAIS 2 and MMHC 2 to repair my skin barrier (complete routine here). That’s why I rushed to buy lots of other NIOD products. I hope I don’t shock anyone. It’s my skin, it’s not perfect but it’s healing. The pimples have disappeared even though there are days when I wear the mask all day long. The maskne is behind me alleluia, I just have to take care of PIH now.

Niod Bestsellers

If you don’t want pay for a PhD to understand and use these products, here is a simple description of NIOD’s best products, where reviews are almost unanimous on their effectiveness.

This is a summary of the notes I took after reading many blogs, forums… and watching many videos that I was able to consult before choosing the products to buy for me at NIOD.

The products are already indicated in the order of application

Note: this post is NOT sponsored

Check their official website for more details

NIOD products are classified into 4 categories:

  1. CORE REGIMEN: these are basic products, which all skins need
  2. SUPPORT REGIMEN: these are products that correct a specific problem: pigmentation, congested skin, texture…
  3. SURVIVAL: products protecting the skin against external aggressions, they are full of antioxidants
  4. YEŠTI: formulations grouped under the code name YEŠTI. These are very deep cleaning products

Categorizing these products makes browsing even more difficult and confuses users. So I just mentioned it in case you’re wondering, but I’ll just going to list the bestsellers, without considering categories here.

Step 1: Facial cleansing


  • Highly effective cleansing balm
  • It cleans the pores deep down, able to remove oil & sebum: it’s like changing your oil: replace the old oil and sebum of the face with “fresher” sebum
  • to be used every other day (can be used every day, but the brand recommends every other day)
  • formulated without chemical detergents, without micellar water
  • Uses Ayurvedic herbs
  • Quite surprising texture, and looks more like a mask (by the way, you can really use it as a purifying mask, to be left for 5 minutes). Strange smell but you will get used to it
  • pH: 7.00-7.50
  • General notice: pores disappear. Some people consider it one of the best DECIEM products and can no longer live without it
  • My detailed opinion & analysis of the ingredients and before/after pictures here
  • Price: 27€ for 90ml (Deciem link), 19,16€ or -25% with the code NEWFAN on Lookfantastic (link)

Step 2: Serums


  • Moisturizing & antioxidant mist to improve skin quality
  • Fight against pollution, water loss and inflammation
  • This isn’t a toner
  • The product is as concentrated as any serum, but it is too quickly absorbed by the skin, hence the importance of using it as a spray/mist
  • It’s a big slap in the face for Caudalie, because this product contains Superoxide Dismutase, an anti-inflammatory compound derived from yeast from the grape skin, but 1000 times more effective than any Caudalie product
  • General Notice: this product is always out of stock because people like it too much
  • pH: 6.0-7.0
  • Price : 41€ for 240ml (Deciem link), 30,76€ or -25% with the code NEWFAN on Lookfantastic (link)


  • Repairing serum, boosting collagen production and creating the optimal environment for healthy skin
  • If there is only one product to buy from NIOD, this is the one
  • Objective: to have a healthy skin (++ elasticity, collagen, less texture).
  • Product with long term objective
  • 2 bottles to mix together when you receive the product for more “freshness”
  • Accelerates cell renewal, like retinol, but without negative effects
  • Very concentrated product: 4 drops are enough for the whole face, very liquid texture
  • Can be used for the neck & eye area
  • My opinion: I can’t live without it, this serum repairs the skin in record time: Detailed opinion and analysis of the ingredients here
  • pH: 4.6-5.6
  • Price : 45,6€ for 15ml (Deciem link), 34,36€ or -25% with the code NEWFAN on Lookfantastic (link), FeelUnique link


  • Brightening serum
  • Shake well before applying a few drops on the face
  • It stings a little (it feels like the serum is working) but this sensation disappears very quickly
  • Use in the morning & evening. In the morning, it is absolutely necessary to apply sunscreen after use
  • Contains a derivative of Azelaic Acid
  • Very liquid texture
  • General opinion: very slow effect, but by taking pictures before/after 3 months users recognize its incredible brightening effects, and in a few rare cases, on melasma
  • pH: 5.50-6.50
  • Price : 34€ for 15ml (Deciem link), or 25,56€ or -25% with the code NEWFAN on Lookfantastic (link)


  • Moisturizing serum, making the skin more plumped, comfortable and uniform
  • If there is a second product to buy from NIOD, this is this one
  • Contains 15 types of hyaluronic acid of different molecular sizes, contributing to the retention of water on different levels of the skin
  • Boosts the production of hyaluronic acid that the skin naturally produces
  • Short-term objective: the skin will appear plumped very quickly
  • Very concentrated product: 4 drops are enough for the whole face, very liquid texture, like water
  • Can be used for the neck & eye area
  • Note: Hyaluronic acid serums should be used with a moisturizing cream behind the skin
  • According to DECIEM’s own CEO, MMHC2’s dupe is SubQ Skin from Hylamide (21€ for 30ml) but MMHC 2 is a much more advanced and complex version than Hylamide
  • My opinion: no incredible effect on my already very well moisturized skin, but using it with CAIS 2, my skin is plumped and glowy
  • Detailed advice and analysis of ingredients here
  • pH: 4.00-5.00
  • Price : 30€ for 15ml (Deciem link), 22,76€ or -25% with the code NEWFAN on Lookfantastic (link)


  • Neck lotion
  • Does not stick, does not contain water or oil, deeply hydrates the neck, contributes greatly to the elasticity of the skin
  • can be used on the upper eyelid for more elasticity
  • General opinion: finally an anti-aging lotion that doesn’t give pimples on the neck and really works
  • pH: 4.50-5.50
  • Price : 60€ for 50ml, 45,56€ or -25% with the code NEWFAN on Lookfantastic (link)


  • Eye Concentrate
  • Is not intended for signs of aging (for aging, CAIS 2 and MMHC2 can be used on your eye contour too)
  • It is intended only for pockets, dark circles & fine dehydration lines
  • Can be used generously, without stinging the eyes
  • General opinion: people are delighted and see a real difference with this product
  • pH: 4.00-5.00
  • Price : 51€ for 15ml (Deciem link), 39,16€ or -25% with the code NEWFAN on Lookfantastic (link)

In the evening only


  • Chemical exfoliating serum
  • Replaces acids and retinol
  • Brandon doesn’t like acids (which he considers harmful to the skin in the long term), so he created the acid-free version
  • Contains good bacteria (probiotics) & amino acids that give the same effects as acids & retinol, while keeping the skin hydrated
  • A few drops are enough, to be used in the evening only
  • Texture: like a light cream, makes the skin a little shiny
  • The pipette isn’t practical, you can buy the Niod pump for your bottle
  • Doesn’t prick, Doesn’t irritate, but don’t abuse it either. Mandatory patch test before any use
  • General opinion: the exfoliating power is less visible than AHA/BHA/retinol because the effect is rather slow, but sensitive skin appreciates it very much
  • My detailed opinion & analysis of the ingredients here
  • pH: 4.00-5.00
  • Price : 42€ for 30ml (Deciem link), 31,96€ or -25% with the code NEWFAN on Lookfantastic (link)

Step 3 : Emulsion / cream


  • Skin barrier repair emulsion
  • Reduces signs of irritation, discomfort, redness, rosacea
  • Highly concentrated product: 4 drops are enough for the whole face
  • does not contain niacinamide or hyaluronic acid
  • General opinion: Skin with rosacea loves this product.
  • pH: 4.50-5.50
  • Price : 27€ for 30ml (Deciem link), 19,16€ or -25% with the code NEWFAN on Lookfantastic (link)


  • Anti-oxidant
  • A must-have from NIOD
  • Fights against the harmful effects of blue light, free radicals & pollution … all the external elements that attack our skin
  • To be used in the evening alone OR during the day under a sun cream
  • Best used when mixed with another product (I often mix it with a moisturizer)
  • In contrast to the version with sun protection (S10, S20, S30), this version has no sun protection but does not contain silicone either
  • Milky texture, like an emulsion
  • My opinion: product extremely pleasant to use, I see a real difference when I use it under the barrier mask (I have no more maskne thanks to S0)
  • Detailed advice and analysis of ingredients here
  • pH: 6.75-7.25
  • Price : 23€ for 30ml (Deciem link), 18,36€ or -25% with the code NEWFAN on Lookfantastic (link)

Niod sells the HV – Hydration Vaccine which seals in hydration. It isn’t moisturizing, it only helps sealing the hydration, and is recommended to extremely dehydrated skin. Reviews are mixed on this product, so I advise you to use your current moisturizer.


  • Anti-oxidant + sunscreen, without leaving a white cast
  • Protects against UVB and UVA (SPF 20, PA+++)
  • Fights against the harmful effects of blue light, free radicals & pollution … all the external elements that attack our skin
  • Contains non-comedogenic, extremely expensive and innovative silicones
  • On sale everywhere except in the USA, because the FDA is still very traditional in the validation of solar actives and because it is too innovative, it hasn’t been approved by the FDA. 0 review on this product by American influencers.
  • If you use S10, S20, or S30, you don’t need to put S0 before S0
  • General opinion: those who hate standard sunscreens will love this one
  • pH: 7.00-8.00
  • Price : 27€ for 30ml (Deciem link), 21,96€ or -25% with the code NEWFAN on Lookfantastic (link)

Recommended Routines

In short, here are the NIOD products which are unique and truly innovative.
The order of application of NIOD products is clearly indicated in the routines below

Note: NIOD products are so liquid that you should not be afraid to use several products at once. Everything will be absorbed.
However, you should only use 3 to 4 drops per product because they are very concentrated. Discreet smell (no added fragrance).

Anti-ageing Routine
Morning: SDSM 2CAIS 2MMHC 2NECMG – moisturizing cream with sun protection
Evening : Make-up removalSS (every other day) – CAIS 2MMHC 2NAAPNECMG – moisturizing cream

Rosacea / Acne Routine
Morning: SDSM 2CAIS 2MMHC 2MG – moisturizing cream with sun protectionEvening
: Make-up RemovalSS (every other day) – CAIS 2MMHC 2 – MG – acne treatment on pimples + moisturizing cream

Damaged skin barrier Routine
Morning: SDSM 2CAIS 2MMHC 2MGS20
Evening : Make-up removalSS (one day out of three) – SDSM 2CAIS 2MMHC 2MGS0

Hyperpigmentation Routine

Evening: Make-up RemovalSS (every other day) – CAIS 2 RPMMHC 2NAAPMG – moisturizer – S0

What to buy?

I highly recommend

  1. SS – SANSKRIT SAPONINS (detailed opinion)
  2. CAIS 2 – COPPER AMINO ISOLATE SERUM 2:1 (detailed opinion)
  3. S0 – SURVIVAL 0 (detailed opinion)
Photo Before / After one week Sanskrit Saponins

Then, two other products that I really appreciate, whose effect is visible in the long term, are :

  1. NAAP – NON-ACID ACID PRECURSOR 15% (visible effect from 2 weeks, more details here)
  2. MMHC 2 – MULTI-MOLECULAR HYALURONIC COMPLEX (detailed advice here, if the skin is already moisturized, no effect at all but it’s the only hyaluronic acid serum to be so liquid, it’s great to spread on other layers of product)

Personally, I bought SSCAIS 2PRMMHC 2 NAAPS0 and recently S20
I complete the rest (make-up remover, active ingredients, moisturizing pimple treatment cream) with my anti-acne routine or my simplified “skin barrier” routine here

Where to buy NIOD?

  1. You can buy it directly on the official NIOD website here. It’s a site that I highly recommend, I’ve placed several orders with them, they have more stock than resellers, but moreover, the delivery is free and fast (from the UK), no customs fees. Moreover, if you aren’t satisfied with the product (especially at this price), you can send it back to them within 365 days of purchase and get a refund even for products that have been opened (the product must be at least 50% full). Pay for all your purchases on the official website with Paypal, so Paypal will also reimburse you for the return shipping costs
  2. There is a site, where the offer is less abundant (for example most of the products are in 15ml and not 30ml) but the price is systematically lower than the official site, it is Lookfantastic. It is an official reseller. They often have offers (for example at the moment, it’s -20% on the whole site). You can look at NIOD products on lookfantastic here. Shipping is from the UK, and free for all orders > 40€. I recommend you to choose this solution only if you have already tested the product, because returns aren’t accepted.
  3. If ever the products are out of stock at these two sites, you can always count on FeelUnique, another official reseller. The price is a bit higher but you have -10% for life on your two favorite brands, so don’t hesitate to choose Niod among these two brands. I can also refer you on FeelUnique (click here)

How do I place an order?

Go to the official NIOD website here.

The package is shipped from the UK so this number allows you to track the package to the UK/FR border.

Once the parcel arrives in France, either Chronopost or Colissimo will take over. You will then receive an email from Chronopost or La Poste with the tracking number and a more precise delivery date. As it happens from the UK, the average delivery time is 4-5 working days and without any customs fees.

All products are closed with a protective cap. It is very easy to know if a product is fake or already opened or not. Have a look at the pictures.
Before the opening, the tablet is gray. After opening, you can see NIOD written everywhere on the tablet. It is impossible to stick the pastille back on and lie and say that the package is “new never opened”.

Note: keep your NIOD boxes, they are super nice, solid and allow you to store your The Ordinary / NIOD products

Anh est toujours très occupée à profiter de jolies choses, et à fabriquer de petites bricoles de ses propres mains. **** Hi, my name is Anh. I am a Vietnamese-French DIY passionate, beauty lover and cosmetic tester.

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